Discover the quickest and simplest path to starting an online business!

For women on the PLUS side of 40 who want to make money and an impact online!

185 Done-For-You Resources PLUS Lifetime Group Coaching!


The Accidental Entrepreneur is a self-driven, video-based course and live coaching program, designed to help women on the plus side of 40:

  • develop a strategic plan
  • nail down a money making idea
  • develop a sellable product or service
  • craft a high-converting message to attract paying customers
  • create a simple sales platform that sells
  • successfully market your business with social selling
  • create digital assets to build your pocket of people
  • launch with the AE lean launch formula…before you are ready

EVEN IF you have already started… EVEN IF  you have No Idea, No Experience and No Time.
The Accidental Entrepreneur takes the guess work out of  building a business. No more wasting time on the wrong idea. No more second guessing yourself. No more waiting.

Finally a program for Women on the PLUS side of 40…
If you’re reading this, chances are you have a dream of making money doing something you actually love! You’ve lived a big part of life, raised kids, worked in and outside the home, prioritized other people and quite possibly put your own dreams on hold. You’ve had highs and lows, wins and losses, but at this point in your life YOU know what YOU want. 

Learn the business skills you need to turn an idea into a business… without all the expensive trial and error!

The Accidental Entrepreneur’s comprehensive business training program includes everything you need to know to build and launch a profitable business in the 21st century!

No super complicated tech. No wildly expensive add-ons. No experience or idea needed.

As you take the course, you start building your business.

Signing up for the Accidental Entrepreneur means you get access not only to the course material, but to a group of women your age, with similar life experiences and shared dreams… you can’t put a price on Sisterhood.



Over 40 Video Lessons

Each high-quality, engaging video lesson will get you one step closer to making money online, in a business model you choose, doing something you love!


100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't make $1000 in the first 6 months of launching your business, simply submit your completed coursework for all 6 Modules and we will consider a full refund. PLUS I will offer you 1 personal coaching session with me.

$997 CDN

1 Time Payment of $997 cdn or Pay in 3 or 6 Easy Installments!

Price includes:
Lifetime access, live coaching, private membership group and all course materials.

What you will get.

Everything you need to FINALLY get your online business off the ground.

Private Sisterhood

Get instant access to the Accidental Entrepreneur Facebook group filled with resources, training and inspiring conversations. As a special bonus, promote your business 2x during the month and get access to additional material and workshops!

Weekly Live Coaching

Each week you will have an opportunity to join me on a Zoom session where you can provide feedback, ask questions and get help! This is where the magic happens! Miss the LIVE session? No worries! All recordings will be uploaded to your classroom online portal.

Class Workbook & Materials

Grow in your skills and reflect on each module's lessons with a pdf workbook. Plus over 185 done-for-you resources including download worksheets, templates, swipe files and my entire business building roadmap! Did I mention I'm even giving away my sales funnel... for FREE.

Who is the course for?

Accidental Entrepreneur is for both aspiring and struggling online entrepreneurs. Let’s cut the sh#t! Starting and growing and making money online is plagued with FRUSTRATION, CONFUSION and CHAOS! You don’t know where to start, what to do and when to do it! People are throwing ‘advice’ at you left and right, the internet is polluted with training, downloads, videos, groups, papers, masterminds, challenges…that only add to your information overload! The Accidental Entrepreneur takes the confusion out of the equation and presents the what, the why and the how in easy to digest nuggets of information and inspiration. 

Ambitious Beginners

If you have a dream of starting a work-from-home, freedom-based, profitable online business, the Accidental Entrepreneur will help you get started the RIGHT WAY. The program will show you exactly what to do to find your BIG IDEA and turn it into an online business that allows you to live your life on your own terms! If you want to start a side-hustle, turn your passion into a full-time money maker, phase out of your 9-5...The Accidental Entrepreneur will show you what you need to do to start a meaningful business that will bring clients through the door and put money in the bank.

Struggling Business Owners

Do you have an online business that is in serious need of a life line? Let me guess, you started a business online by some very expensive trial and error and you are just not making any money regularly or attracting clients on repeat??? The Accidental Entrepreneur will strip it all back and show you what you probably should have done in the first place. The proven 6-Step System is more than a road map to online success. It is your Holy Grail. The video-lessons will spell out what you need to do to get back on track, fast, without having to spend one more minute hustling and grinding.


Your learning tools are intuitive, beautiful, & easy to use. The online classroom is jammed packed with
lessons designed to get you immediate results. Seriously… it’s like business school without the debt!!! 

the accidental entrepreneur module 1

Lesson Plan

Don’t be fooled by the name. The Accidental Entrepreneur is no joke!!! The program includes 6 Modules with over 40 video-based lessons, 20 separate pdf worksheets, invoicing, proposal and back office spreadsheets and docs, swipe files, templates, launch plans, a content calendar AND my personal sales funnel template and sales email sequence.  PLUS exercises and homework designed to get you results immediately! 







Who teaches The Accidental Entrepreneur?

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The Accidental Entrepreneur is taught by Kellie-Ann Briand, the founder and owner of KAB Communications, Briand Marketing and the creator of ‘The Accidental Entrepreneur’ brand and its signature ‘6-Step System’ to starting and growing a business online.

Kellie-Ann holds degrees and certificates in Journalism, Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing and Publishing. Kellie-Ann spent years working as an on-air personality, staff writer and corporate executive before her deep dive into the wild world of online entrepreneurship.

Kellie-Ann’s mission is to empower women to take control over their lives and create their own legacies! The Accidental Entrepreneur combines her strategic mind with her creative and entrepreneurial spirit. She prides herself on her accessibility and students of The Accidental Entrepreneur can ask questions and get feedback directly from Kellie-Ann during a weekly Live group coaching session.


$997 CDN

1 Time Payment of $997 CDN or Pay in 3 or 6 Easy Installments!


1:1 Client

"Kellie-Ann is an incredible coach and mentor. She takes you from not knowing how to start and run an online business, to building one that has focus: ideal clients, programs that serve them, and ways to market yourself so you're attracting more of your perfect clients. I can't say enough good things about Kellie-Ann's style, expertise, or business savvy."

"I loved working with Kellie-Ann over the last few months to help me start my online business 'The Wardrobe Warrior'. I loved working with her and found her to be dedicated, determined and passionate about what she does to help women become entrepreneurs. We worked hard together to determine who my client was, what problem i was solving and how best to offer my services. I am now starting my own business doing what I am good at and thanks to Kellie-Ann I feel confident."


1:1 Client + Student


1:1 Client

"I didn't know it was possible to have that much knowledge, understanding and strategy conveyed in such a short amount of time. Working with Kellie-Ann I have NO regrets. She is amazing, she knows how to get to the bottom of things, and she doesn't waste your time or hers!!!!"

“Kellie-Ann was a valuable resource and integral part of my journey to launch my own business. She helped guide me, correct my course when needed and challenged me to make tough and important decisions. Even once we were done our time together, she kept in touch, and continued to offer support.”


1:1 Client + Student


1:1 Client + Student

"I felt very uncertain about my ability to create a business prior to hiring Kellie-Ann, and had spend several frustrating years churning the same ideas round in my head, without getting anywhere. She was able to eliminate doubts and start making progress immediately. Kellie-Ann is responsive and reliable and her program is a great investment. You will only have one regret: that you didn't meet her years ago!"

“Kellie-Ann helped me focus and start my now successful business from scratch. She was instrumental in giving me the push I needed, she is inspiring and extremely knowledgeable in marketing and in start-ups. You couldn't ask for a better coach and mentor! Contact her, you won't regret your decision!”




1:1 Client + Student

"I can honestly say that I would still be spinning my wheels and day dreaming about starting my business if I hadn't met Kellie-Ann and signed up for The Accidental Entrepreneur. Her course is simple, easy to follow and she's a riot! She makes the videos fun and the homework is quick and intuitive and the best part is that you start seeing your business take shape after Week 1."

“FIVE STARS! Kellie-Ann has more knowledge in her brain than years can count! And she's creative... I highly recommend getting on a call with this lady- today! 🙂I did, and am happy with our newfound relationship.”





“Kellie-Ann knows marketing! I love her straight-forward, no-nonsense approach. She's encouraging, but at the same time, she'll tell it like it is... exactly the type of person I want on my team!”


We want you to feel well-informed, safe, and cared for during enrollment.

Why is the course so darn cheap?

We have recently updated the course and we are looking to get as many people in the course as possible to gather feedback. The goal is to make it as accessible as possible so that price is not a barrier. But, don’t wait! It won’t be this price forever.

What if I already have a business?

If you have a business that isn’t  making money or attracting clients on repeat this course can help you get back on track by getting to the root of the problem. The Accidental Entrepreneur was developed with aspiring and struggling entrepreneurs in mind. It  will allow you to refocus and honestly save you years of expensive trial and error trying to DIY the problems in your business. 


What if I don't have a business idea?

Not a problem! The Accidental Entrepreneur will help you find your ‘Big Idea’! Module 2 is dedicated to helping you discover the idea that you can use to catapult your online business.  You will be shown techniques to discover your visible and invisible passions, learn about possible business models AND  how to validate your idea by using my  ‘Yes or BS ‘ exercise. All you need is is the passion and motivation to listen, learn and do the work. The Accidental Entrepreneur will provide the rest!

How long does the course take?

The Accidental Entrepreneur is completely self-directed. This means you can take as much or as little time as you need. It is so that you should be able to complete the program in 30 days. Work on it when you have time. Take as long or as little time as you need. 

Will I have an actual business at the end of the program ?

Yes! The program teaches you the mindset and mechanics of starting a business from scratch. This means that you can seriously go from no-idea or vague idea to full on launch of a viable online business in 30 days. Follow the roadmap!!!! Of course, your results will be directly related to the level of time, energy and talent you put into the course. So do the work and don’t try to improvise too much!

Can I really get my money back?

If you complete the course and all required course work and prove that you have been following the road map as directed, we will consider a full refund AND if you haven’t made your initial investment of $997 back in 6 months, I will  offer you 1 Free  coaching session. Of course, we can not guarantee your success or results, but we 100% stand behind the course and curriculum. (read through some of the testimonials)

Can I watch the videos multiple times ?

You can watch the videos 1x or 100x. You can watch immediately or next month or even next year.  I would encourage you to jump into the program ASAP, as you will have access to a live group coaching starting week 1 following your registration. Doesn’t that sound like a win-win??

What if I have another question not listed here?

Email us and we’ll happily take care of you.



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