Ok. Let’s cut the sh*t. Starting an online business from scratch is plagued with FEAR, OVERWHELM and CONFUSION.

Fear because you are doing something you have never done before, without any solid proof or guarantee that it will work!

Overwhelm caused by the fact that there are so many moving parts to building and launching an online business!

Confusion from not knowing in what order to do all ‘the things’!

I have built two online businesses and had a successful corporate career. I’ve also researched, curated and devoured waaayyy too much information on the problems women face when they decide to bring their dream business to life.


What do you think is the #1 reason so many women never get their online business off the ground?

I’ll tell you what it isn’t. It’s not lack of passion. Nor is it a lack of motivation or even a lack of money. The number one thing that keeps women from achieving their dream of building a freedom-based business is… INFORMATION OVERLOAD.  Not knowing where to start, what to do and when to do it, inevitability leads to doubt and hesitation and keeps women STUCK.

The online world is polluted. It’s unregulated. And it’s incredibly noisy with ‘guaranteed’ systems, books, videos, downloads, checklists, tear sheets and ‘secrets’.

This is exactly why I created The Accidental Entrepreneur: to help you cut-through the chaos.

Here are the exact steps you need to take to build a meaningful business that will bring clients through the door and put money in the bank:

Step 1 –  Get Clear and Focused There is nothing ‘easy’ about starting an online business. I’ve made it simple, but it sure as heck isn’t easy. So, create an environment for success and truly understand ‘why’ you want to do this. Learn to get past your ‘limiting beliefs’ by creating a new belief system that will keep you connected and motivated.

Step 2 – Find Your Big Idea Find a hungry audience, figure out their problem and offer them a solution! This ‘solution’ is in fact your ‘BIG IDEA’. The idea that you can turn into a product or service. The idea that will catapult your online business.

Step 3 – Find Your Ideal Client The critical path to success? A niche market filled with people (ideal clients) who have a problem that you can solve. Your ideal client is someone who gets their exact needs met by what you’re offering. Go out and find them!

Step 4 – Create an Irresistible Offer You make your success inevitable by offering the exact solution your ideal client has been desperately waiting for. A viable offer is your currency. It means you won’t go hungry. Turn your ideal client’s biggest problem into an offer they can’t refuse.

Step 5 – Build Your Brand Your brand is your reputation, your promise of value and the experience and results a client can expect. Start off simply by defining your brand message and personality and communicating those through a business name, logo, tagline and website. Keep it simple, but consistent!

Step 6 – Set-Up the Right Business Treat your business like a business and get it set up and squared away properly. That means a dedicated office space, a legally registered business name, a bank account and a system to track revenue and expenses. You don’t need to incorporate, incur a ton of business fees or invest in expensive accounting software.

Step 7 – Build a community Your community is a group of like-minded individuals who are interested in what you have to say!  Start building your email list, growing your social channels and testing your offer locally… if possible. This step is all about growing your ‘warm’ email list of subscribers.

Step 8 – Show Up and Communicate Regularly

Establish your authority, build credibility and become an ‘expert’, all by simply showing up and offering value. Imagine that! Showing up as yourself as a means to supercharge your business growth!!! Consistency can be communicated through various channels, and should be the foundation of your business on every level.

People make starting an online business complicated. It really doesn’t have to be! It’s a matter of following a proven system and avoiding all the expensive trial and error! Because, let’s be honest, when it comes to our ‘money’ don’t we just want someone to tell it to us like we are a 2 year old!!!

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