Don't miss this opportunity to make significant progress in your business in 6 weeks

If you want to discover EXACTLY what you need to start building a meaningful business that makes money 💰💰consistently AND has clients chasing you down,  you need to RAISE YOUR FREAKIN HAND and INVEST.

I have taken some of the greatest lessons from my signature course THE ACCIDENTAL ENTREPRENEUR and packaged them up into simple, digestible GOLDEN ONLINE BUSINESS BUILDING NUGGETS!!!



Starting...TUESDAY, Jan 22th 6:30 pm EST
6 x 1h sessions via Zoom
Miss a session? no worries...recordings will be available!

(Minimum 8 registrants)


I'm passionate about giving you the kind of support that I only wish I could have had way back in the day when I was creating my first online consulting business.  If you are struggling with getting clients consistently, doubting your passion and purpose and just fed up with expensive trial and error... JOIN ME for the next 6 weeks!  Join me and 8 extraordinary, ambitious women who are ready to blow past their fears, dig into a serious plan and make some significant progress in their business.  

Kellie-Ann Briand Business Coach, Strategist and the Creator of The Accidental Entrepreneur.

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You'll learn exactly:

  • HOW to find YOUR BIG IDEA...the idea that you can use to catapult your Online Business.
  • What you should be doing each day to make some actual MONEY with your business.
  • How to get new leads and attract high paying clients through your messaging – know the difference between brand, marketing and sales messaging!
  • Simple tweaks in your day-to-day, in your messaging, in your offers and with your monthly marketing plan.
  • What steps you can take to position yourself as an expert!!!
  • What numbers to absolutely track in your business – (hmmm… not tracking numbers or projections???)
  • The biggest mistake people make with high-value offerings (and what to do instead).
  • The truth about being too ‘LIKEABLE’!!!!
  • The internal shifts that are necessary if you ARE SERIOUS about not hustling each and every day.


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