Your participation is key. If you want to grow your business, and find more clients, then use Facebook groups. I want to share with you the three types of Facebook groups you should be constantly involved in. This is a genuine, great way to build your business with FREE options when starting. 

Information is important. These groups can be very powerful tools. It can be used to conduct market research to find your ideal client, connect with an immeasurable number of people from all across the globe, and most importantly, get your profile and brand in front of more potential clients.

Sounds good, Right? But how do people actually do this? What groups are they visiting to find their targeted audience? Maybe to groups with cake and wine? OR puppy and kitten videos? Disappointedly, No. There are 3 simple steps, easy steps mind you, of how using Facebook groups can affect your chances on leads.

This is done in three ways:

  1. Participation in group discussions: Making your profile Available for others to access to locate your business page, website, and/or your own group. (This is why having a well-optimized profile description is essential.)
  2. Starting conversations: Ask questions or share valuable posts, articles, or videos. 
  3. Have your referrals ready: Depending on the group, you may see people asking for recommendations related to your service or product. 

Essentially these wonderful groups are free advertising hotspots for your profile. These hotspots will lead potential clients to connect with your personal pages or even sign up for your irresistible offers (After you optimize your page). 

Like people, different groups have different focuses. 

And again like people, different discussions have different personalities. 

There are three types of groups you should have a plan for before entering. You want to focus on gaining a following from your participation in groups. This is your mission. You want to be “Battle Ready” with friendliness and professionalism. Identifying the group of its type, before joining the group. And lastly, arm yourself with shining confidence. Those three types are: Local group(s); Niche group(s); and Business coaching. 

Local Group(s)

It’s imperative to know that every major city has its own Facebook Group. Buying, Selling, and Job Searching are some of the purposes for these Local Groups. These are a gold mine for finding people actively looking for help with the problem you can solve. Your niche may determine exactly how useful these groups are, however many people like the idea that they can meet “in-person.” person  with their collaborator (Though we may not all be going out or meeting in person right now because of covid-19, we will not be stuck at home forever.) There is something about getting to meet people in real life that you met over the internet (So riveting). 

The advantage of knowing the area where your potential clients are located is you are better equipped to find common grounds. Every place has its own slang, special phrases, and places.  This will give you an edge when it comes to building up that personal business relationship. 

Niche Group(s)

Depending on how you market your business or product or vice versa to your ideal client, there are certain benefits from participating in groups that have nothing to do with selling or buying. The point of participating in different Facebook groups is not necessarily to “sell,” but rather to funnel them to your own business pages where you can sell to them. 

For example: if you are a photographer who has a niche in real estate, it may be a good idea to join groups for realtors or homeowners. This is also a great scenario where local groups would be preferable. 

If you sell products or services related to self-care you may want to join groups related to living naturally or achieving goals. This is broad, but sometimes a fresh approach might be better than the flock of people working in the same field as you. It is important to think broadly and even outside the box. The idea is to find some “niche no sell groups” and begin building relationships with the variety of members in the group. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but your business won’t take as long either.

Business Coaching

There are three key reasons you should join a group involving business coaches on Facebook. 

1) Many are run by amazing coaches with valuable information(remember information is important?) that can help you nurture and build your business. Like my group the Accidental Entrepreneur. 

2) It gives you the opportunity to meet other business owners from around the world who are in a similar place as you, expanding their business. You may also meet those who are further ahead and already reached some of those major business priorities. Those who have already achieved their big goals have lots of useful knowledge to share, plus as seasoned entrepreneurs, they love watching “rookies” rise up from the bottom to join them. When you join a group like the Accidental Entrepreneur you get an entire cheer squad that is rooting for your success. 

3) It is a great place to conduct market research. Grab insight from those who have already experienced it. 

If you are trying to figure out where to start when it comes to finding the best Facebook Groups to improve your business, I would like to recommend my group, The Accidental Entrepreneur. When you join, you get regular access to me as well as specialized training on how to build your business. In addition, you get to meet a collection of others who are just like you, in the process of nurturing their business. Have a support system by connecting with like-minded people. Amazing relationships and collaborations have been made through people connecting from social media groups like the Accidental Entrepreneur

Click here to join. 

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